Monday, May 21, 2012

Breakfast and TV a Winning Combo?

Last week, House Beautiful had an interesting post on Facebook with this fantastic built-in refrigerator from a showcased kitchen on their website.  Interestingly, the magazine noted on the post that most of the comments from readers were discussing the kitchen TV rather than the actual kitchen design.  It seemed the majority thought the TV was pretty bad (though check out the kitchen from this 100 year old Savannah house because it is great).  And several more commented as to how many is too many TVs in a house these days.
Kitchen with TV
Via House Beautiful
Photography by Trevor Tondro
This of course brought my thoughts back to our own kitchen.  During one of the more recent renovation projects a few years back we re-wired our entire house.  During the course of the re-wire we had to decide where to add additional outlets and cable jacks.  Well, let me just share with you that we now have over 40 cable outlets in our house.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit this actually.  We didn't know the total number until the cable installer kindly pointed it out to us.  I then made him a ham sandwich while feeling exceptionally guilty as he explained he couldn't possibly take a lunch break and stay on schedule.  But here's the thing, I want to stay in our house forever...but you never know.  I am a realtor and always considering resale value;  I figured it might be a good idea to add wall mounted cable to every room in our house. In fact, I've sold houses with TVs mounted in bathrooms.   And nowadays there seems to be a flat screen mounted in every room, right?

Photo Courtesy of This Old House magazine
and Photographer Deborah Whitlaw LLewellyn

My husband agreed with this since he typically takes my "expert" advice with no complaints....that is until we got to the kitchen.  He was passionate and determined, he did NOT want a TV in our kitchen.  I on the other hand, being the partner who cooks and washes dishes stood my ground that I must have a mounted TV to watch the Today Show and Food Network.  This discussion went on probably for a month before the jack was installed and my TV went up.  Well, this might be the first time I am going to admit this (and don't tell John), but I was wrong.
Painting and Kitchen Wall Before TV
Cable Outlet on Kitchen Wall for TV
First, the TV looked horrible--much like the readers were commenting on the House Beautiful kitchen.  This is a picture of the jack, but you can visualize the TV in the spot.   Next, I don't really watch TV.  In fact, other than 1 HBO series, I haven't watched a show in 2 years.  My dreams of watching Food Network and cooking fabulous gourmet?  Never happened.  The kids were constantly nagging me to watch it while they ate.  We have a "no TV during the school week" rule in our house.  Needless to say, the TV was a total thorn for our family.  It was never turned on and worst of all looked ugly.  I missed my lovely blue and white porcelain bowl painting. 

Photo Courtesy of This Old House magazine
and Photographer Deborah Whitlaw LLewellyn

As you can see, in the end John won.  And, I am a much happier wife and mom in my kitchen without a TV.  Again looking at my favorite porcelain bowl painting as I cook and enjoy my family time in the kitchen.  My vote, no TV in the kitchen.  What do you think?


  1. I understand what you mean, I can see how it would take away from time spent talking because everyone is staring at the tv. It would be nice for those times when I am in the kitchen alone and want to catch up on some guilty pleasure :) A radio would be great, though!

    Beautiful home! I would love to renovate a home somewhere near the water. I grew up spending a lot of time in Cape Cod and I dream of it...

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