Sunday, May 27, 2012

Terrarium Fairy Garden

School's out for the summer!  I happened to be in charge of my son's end of year class gift and decided to buy terrarium gardens for the teachers.  The local nursery put together adorable gardens in glass containers.  The teachers & kids loved them.  I thought it would be an easy project to do at home this weekend with the kids.  Our family headed to the nursery and picked out our plants and garden decorations for their fairy gardens.

  • Glass Container with or without lid
  • River Rocks
  • Charcoal
  • Moss (dark and light)
  • Potting Soil
  • Mini Plants
  • Garden Fairy Decoration
Step 1:  Add Layer of River River Rock to Glass Container

Step 2: Add Layer of Charcoal

Step 3: Add Layer of Dark Moss

Step 4: Add Potting Soil

Step 5:  Plant Miniatures in Glass Container

Miniature Plants Available at the Nursery

Step 6: Add Layer of Bright Green Moss

Step 7: Add Fairy Garden Decoration

Step 8:  Water and Add Lid

Tip:  Terrarium gardens should be kept indoors and out of direct sunlight.  Water with Spray Mister about every 1-2 Weeks after initial watering.


  1. This is neat! Just curious: why the charcoal?

    1. The charcoal and rocks are both for drainage. You could use one or the other. I do both because I like the look of the different color and texture layers in the terrarium.

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  3. i reallly like it....i needed one for my school project and this seriousy gonna help a lott!!thanks

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